REC Inc Logo


The vision of the organization is to be a distinguished, globally recognized amateur radio club.


The mission of the organization is to develop world-class excellence by being proactive in the field of amateur radio and by developing its members through amateur radio-related activities that will further enhance their knowledge as well as impact the community.


  1. To engage in an advocacy-driven community,
  2. To develop mutually-beneficial lasting relationships with all other organizations through sharing a common interest in amateur radio, communications, management, and emergency response; and
  3. To achieve global excellence, both in understanding and applying the principles of amateur radio.


  1. To provide support to targeted communities and/or organizations through strategic programs/partnerships that will result in the betterment of the amateur radio community through community-driven, globally excellent, and innovative initiatives.
  2. To uphold unity among the members of the organization by developing respect, peace, and collaboration.
  3. To establish an effective relationship with other organizations for the exploration of amateur radio to achieve global excellence.
  4. To promote excellence, proactivity, and social awareness among its members through organizational empowerment, involvement opportunities, and advocacy-centric activities.